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Research on the Preparation of Poloxamer-based Strong Intensity Injectable In-Situ Gel

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.39


Ningxia Xu

Corresponding Author

Ningxia Xu


Injectable in-situ gel can be converted into solidified state by liquid, which can form a specific form according to the characteristics of injection site, and can also achieve the target drug target release. However, the common temperature sensitive injectable gel has a small mechanical strength. This experiment takes Poloxamer P407 as the basic material, combined with sodium alginate and Ca2 + into half interpenetrating network (IPN) in order to increase its strength and toughness, in situ gel preparation temperature response type, in order to apply in clinical, such as the symptomatic treatment of senile knee arthritis. Through to the in situ gel forming time, mechanical strength, SEM, XRD, FT - IR and characterizing the properties such as biocompatibility, results show that with mooring Poloxamer P407 as base material, the joint temperature sensitive in situ of the preparation of sodium alginate gel has good mechanical strength and elasticity, gel phase transition time is less than 2 min. SEM and other properties show that its microstructure has porous structure and can be used as an effective carrier for clinical therapeutic drugs.


Poloxamer, In-situ gel, Mechanical strength.