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Research on the Path of Rural Economic Development under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.055


Yiyuan Kang

Corresponding Author

Yiyuan Kang


Rural Revitalization Strategy is a policy to promote rural economy, find the right direction for the development of agricultural economy and increase driving force of development. However, in the actual implementation, problems of industrial structure, infrastructure, project financing and other situations lead to imperfect implementation of the policy, failing to well support the rural economic construction and affecting the development of rural economy. Therefore, in view of this situation, the local government needs to pay more attention, actively implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, adjust the existing industrial structure, increase the construction of characteristic agricultural industry, introduce the application of modern equipment, promote the development of modern agriculture, implement the national policies, and build a sound industrial chain to drive the development of agricultural economy.


Rural revitalization strategy, Rural economy, Development path