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Innovation and Development of Small and Micro Enterprises and Supply Chain Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.054


Lingyi Xiao

Corresponding Author

Lingyi Xiao


From the surface meaning, supply chain is a trend network structure which develops with the change of environment. The application of supply chain thinking to the development of small and micro enterprises is mainly to connect similar enterprises and various departments of enterprises in a friendly way according to the changes of market industry development direction. In order to deal with the complicated competition in the market, establishing a supply chain can share social information and resources to a certain extent, so as to reach an alliance of cooperation and competition, and achieve economic win-win under the benign market competition. Especially in China's science and technology enterprises and small and micro enterprises, whether in the use of market resources or in technology and innovation, there are great obstacles. Therefore, for the common progress and development of enterprises, enterprises can solve their difficulties of survival and development with the help of external forces and support in the market. This paper will combine the current situation and shortcomings of small and micro enterprises to discuss the development and innovation measures of small and micro enterprises under supply chain thinking.


Supply chain, Small and micro enterprises, Innovation and development, Strategy