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Research on the Development Path of Internet Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.035


Haotian Yang

Corresponding Author

Haotian Yang


This article is based on the increasing influence of network big data on the traditional financial industry in recent years, the popularization of computer and network technology, the rise of cloud computing and big data, smart phones, cloud computing, etc. So this article takes Internet finance as an example for research. Internet finance is mainly divided into seven major aspects. This article mainly selects three aspects for research. The first research object is Internet money funds, the second is Internet loans, and the third is big data finance. Through the collection, induction and analysis of data, and related literature analysis, the current development of Internet finance and the opportunities and challenges that may be faced in the future are further explored. In the end, this article analyzes three Internet businesses and concludes that in general Internet finance has developed well and has a long development prospect in the future, but it also has certain risks, such as lack of supervision caused by imperfect laws and personal information leakage.


Internet, Finance, Cloud computing