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Research on the Formation and Development of Commercialization Mode of Music in Song Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.034


Zihang Peng

Corresponding Author

Zihang Peng


Song Dynasty music has a special position in the history of Chinese music, is an important transitional period in the development of ancient Chinese music culture, and opens a new chapter in the popularization and commercialization of entertainment culture. The nature, form and venue of Chinese music have changed, and folk music has gradually entered the ranks of commodity economy. This article from the development of music commercialization general situation, the song Dynasty music commercialization reason and the song Dynasty music commercialization concrete manifestation carries on the thorough research. Through the analysis of the significance of the development of modern music of the song dynasty music commercialization and enlightenment, the song dynasty music can successfully to the market because comply with the demand of the masses of the people and the trend of The Times, in contrast, Chinese contemporary music is also blooming, various types of music to communicate, as long as it is to be accepted by the public, enjoy music has the existence value, can puts glorious greatly.


Song music, Commercialization, Reason, Revelation