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The Digitalized Development Approach of Creative Product Design in Internet+

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.028


Ellen Zhu

Corresponding Author

Ellen Zhu


In the Internet + era, cultural and creative products have been more and more widely used in social life, permeating all aspects of people's lives. Cultural and creative products are the combination of developed commercial culture and excellent traditional culture. They are the comprehensive manifestation of the progress and cultural self-confidence of the Chinese nation in the era. Museum, food and tourism are the most prominent areas in the application of cultural innovative products. There are some problems in cultural creative products, such as the lack of cultural connotation, the lack of digital concept, the non-standard packaging design and the lack of practicability of cultural creative products. In the Internet + era, people can try to digitalize the design of creative products through advanced science and technology, including the following ways: the development of web products related to cultural and creative products, the establishment of interactive digital platform, the development of online 3D display platform of creative products, etc.


Creative product design, Internet+, Cultural and creative products, Online 3d display platform