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Research on the Party Building Mechanism of Social Organizations in the Context of Refined Community Governance-- Take Changzhou Zhonglou District as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.026


Beifei Shen

Corresponding Author

Beifei Shen


Community governance is the most basic level of national governance. Innovating community governance system is an important part of promoting the modernization of national governance. It is the current and future trend of our society to promote the refinement of community governance. Community-level Party building leads social governance, and is a major innovation in the concept, system and mode of social governance that meets the development requirements of the new era. At present, social organizations intervene in community governance by providing services to the community and flexible governance from an advantageous perspective. Zhonglou District of Changzhou has explored the path of party building of social organizations from the aspects of ideological understanding, working methods, management system, guarantee mechanism, talent team, and party building model, which has reference significance for promoting party building and leading social organizations to participate in grassroots governance.


Social organization, Community governance, Party building