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Research on Big Data Technology Leading Smart Marketing Development of Logistics Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.025


Ziqi Wen

Corresponding Author

Ziqi Wen


Smart marketing is a strategic decision made by logistics enterprises to cope with the changing external environment and maintain rapid development. As a data set with many types, large quantities, complex structure and commercial and application value, big data is a new intellectual resource, the engine of intelligent logistics, and the resource pool of intelligent marketing in the logistics industry. It can provide efficient and accurate data analysis for the logistics industry. Because of its huge commercial value, big data is regarded by the logistics industry as an important resource and factor of production comparable to customers and logistics infrastructure. By using big data technology, logistics enterprises can dynamically report the changes of the target market to decision-makers in real time, predict the market trend, excavate logistics value, and make intelligent decisions for seizing business opportunities, precise positioning, market development, investment and financing, image expansion, and winning the future. With the support of big data technology, the scientific use of big data technology can effectively make up for the deficiency of human intuition judgment, better improve the service function of the logistics industry, and promote the upgrade and improvement of the logistics marketing model.


Big data technology, Logistics, Smart marketing