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Analysis and Reflection on Electric Spot Market

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.023


Quan Wang

Corresponding Author

Quan Wang


Based on the power market system of “medium and long term market + spot market + auxiliary service market “, the whole process of power production, transmission and consumption is opened, the medium and long term market is stable, the risk is avoided, the price is found in the spot market, the balance of power system is ensured, the interaction of source-net-charge in time and space is realized, the key role of market in resource allocation is brought into full play, and the reform of power supply side and consumption side is effectively promoted.This paper analyzes the basic situation of power market construction in China, designs the development path and goal of power market at the top level, and compares and analyzes the centralized and decentralized power spot market model, which is the key problem in the process of power market construction and operation.


Electricity spot market, Price mechanism, Clearing mechanism