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Presearch on the Innovative Development of Consumer Poverty Alleviation Business in Commercial Banks: Take Agricultural Bank of China as an Exampleaper Title

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.020


Lifeng Yang, Biling Lu, ZhengWu Liu

Corresponding Author

Biling Lu


Consumption refers to the government enterprises and institutions and individuals for poverty alleviation, such as the main body by buying from poor region characteristic agricultural products and services, helping the poor income poverty in a precise way of poverty alleviation, is to mobilize all social forces to participate in the crucial important way out of poverty, on the other hand, commercial Banks with their own connection of the massive amounts of customer information and resources between urban and rural areas, in the consumption of poverty alleviation can play an important role in trading main body and the medium of exchange at present each big commercial bank financial precision more concentrated in the industry for poverty alleviation loans and farmers microcredit level, such as participate in the consumption of anti-poverty practice is still in a small scaleIn shallow level pilot, theoretical research results are relatively few.Based on jinping precise ideas for poverty alleviation leading to Marx's theory on the relations of production, consumption participatory development theory and social refinement management theory as the instruction, such as interpretation accurate financial accuracy and consumption for poverty alleviation poverty alleviation and other important connotation of the concept of consumption on the overall analysis our country commercial bank to participate in poverty alleviation to assume the role of the status and main forms, analyze the current consumption of commercial bank poverty alleviation and development present situation existing problems and disadvantages in consumption are one of the leading enterprises in banking business for poverty alleviation of the agricultural bank of China for example, to promote its poverty alleviation consumption in recent years of practical experience and has yet to be achieved in-depth explorationIn the end, it provides countermeasures and Suggestions for the further development of consumer poverty alleviation business in China's commercial Banks.


Targeted poverty alleviation in finance, Poverty alleviation by consuming products and services from poor areas, Market supply and demand, Financial innovation