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On Some Problems That Trouble the Study of Modern Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.015


ciren wengmu

Corresponding Author

ciren wengmu


Modern literature is the product of the profound development of The Times, and it is also the true portraiture of the development trend of Chinese literature. With the deepening development of the society and the coming of the multicultural trend of thought, people's cognitive views, values, ideas and other ideas have obvious changes, all kinds of emerging literature can better meet their reading needs, modern literature research and development is facing diversified challenges and difficulties. Therefore, this paper explores and analyzes several problems troubling the study of modern literature from different angles, and makes a seamless connection between theoretical research and practical exploration to effectively solve all kinds of problems, improve and optimize all aspects of modern literature research, so as to promote the further development of modern literature and better display the value of The Times.


On, Perplexity, Modern literature, Research, Several problems