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Research on the Relationship between Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being: Review and Prospect

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.014


Zha wupeng

Corresponding Author

Zha wupeng


Since bourdieu formally put forward the modern, systematic social capital theory in the 1980s, social capital theory has become a hot topic for western economists, political scientists, sociologists and other scholars to study. After James S.Coleman will be in the perspective of human capital development, Robert D.Putnam it deepen the meaning of organization and so on various aspects of academic inquiry, social capital theory has become the west since the ninety s important analysis tool system, humanities and social sciences as the western related research provides inspirational theoretical basis. It is obvious that scholars at home and abroad have noticed the possibility of a connection between social capital and subjective well-being after the introduction of such subjective category theories as rational selectivity and subjectivism into the study of social capital theory, and have conducted researches from multiple perspectives. By searching, sorting, analysis of the existing research results, understanding of social capital and subjective well-being research development level in the forefront of the debate, the frontier theory, advantage and disadvantage of existing studies, promote our country social capital growth for this new era, people's subjective well-being enhance, promote academic research fields related to deepen the practice to provide literature basis, should be when we want.


Social capital, Subjective well-being, Relationship exploration, Theoretical review