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Reflection and Design of Biased Thinking in the Digital Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.012


Shunmei Lin, Yingting Zheng

Corresponding Author

Shunmei Lin


With the development of society and the arrival of the the big data era, mass media categorizes things quickly and easily in order to enable the audience to receive information better and faster, so labeling has become the best way and primary means to process information. Stereotypes are everywhere, affecting everyone in different ways to varying degrees, and they don't just exist. In the design of this project, “stereotype” is used as a carrier to let the public understand the social psychological phenomenon of “stereotype”, which has the important promotion function in elimination of discrimination, enhancement of friendship and the construction of a truly equal and harmonious society.


Labeling, Bias, Stereotypes, Project design