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Exploration on the Effective Path of Rural Governance from the Perspective of Complex Coordination Logic

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.011


Wupeng Zha

Corresponding Author

Wupeng Zha


s the base for final realization of Rural Revitalization Strategy, “Governance Efficiency” has put forward new requirements for the effective-governance forms of rural governance units. By taking specific practices for “Agricultural Comprehensive Reform” launched by Qingyuan City of Guangdong Province as examples, this paper explored the roles of separating rural autonomous units with administrative units played in realizing practical implementations of villagers' autonomy, optimizing public-service supplies, improving public-administration efficiency and promoting benign development of grass-roots governance system under the guidance of compound coordination logic. Besides that, it further analyzed the significances of promotions of final coordinated development of the two major functional units, namely autonomous unit and administration one, under the whole-new historical condition aiming to realize “Governance Efficiency” with the connotations of “Autonomy Efficiency”, “Administration Efficiency” and “System Efficiency” in straightening out the governance relationship and activating the governance system.


Rural revitalization, Rural grass-roots governance, Unit reorganization governance, Efficiency compound-coordination logic