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Research on the Charm Factors of Japanese Regional Mascots

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.010



Corresponding Author



Japanese regional mascots play an important role in Japan's tourism and revitalization of regional economy, and these mascots play an important role in boosting Japan's local economy and culture to a certain extent. Especially when Japan's economy is in a downturn, mascots have become an important marketing tool and achieved good practical results. So, what makes Japanese mascots play their special charm? Based on news, reports, literature review and expert identification, this paper designs 14 kinds of charm factors of Japanese mascots for empirical analysis, and draws relevant conclusions. The weight of healing, unique and funny is the highest, while the weight of profusion and internationalization is the lowest, also proving that the charm of Japanese mascots is their “life body” which includes human emotions, and what people value is their interesting and accompanying effects.


Japanese mascots, Charm factors, Research