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A Study on the Dominance of Ethical Driving for Corporate Social Responsibility

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.007


Liu Haotian

Corresponding Author

Liu Haotian


For the hot topic of corporate social responsibility, scholars have carried out their research on the economic relationship between economic driving, institutional driving and corporate social responsibility. Nevertheless, there is a gap between the current practice and the cognition of the importance of corporate social responsibility. In order to promote the practice of corporate social responsibility and enrich the current research on corporate social responsibility motivation, this research analyzed the internal relationship of three driving forces of corporate social responsibility, which contains economic driving, institutional driving and ethical driving, by starting with the philosophical issues of firm nature, enterprise genetics and corporate mission. And then, the research discovered and distinguished the different levels of effect and status that the three driving forces had in the process of business development and, after analyzing, found that the ethical driving force is dominant among the threes. Finally,this research reveals that it is important to value the core function of ethical driving, driving the corporate social responsibility to be more sustainable at a higher level.


Ethical driving, Dominance, Corporate essence, Corporate gene, Corporate mission, Corporate social responsibility