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Study On The Development Path And Case Of Smart Energy In The Construction Of Smart City

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.004


Xiao Qishi

Corresponding Author

Xiao Qishi


This paper focuses on the theory of urban development strategy and smart city analysis, analyzes and summarizes the development of smart energy construction to assist smart city development, and designs an evaluation system for smart energy construction. The overall structure of the article is mainly divided into six parts. First of all, it sorts out the domestic and foreign monographs and articles on smart cities, sorts out the current situation of smart cities at home and abroad, and analyzes and finds that there is no systematic explanation of the role of smart energy construction in the development of smart cities. ; Then, using the theory of urban development strategy to start thinking about smart cities from the phenomenon of smog, discuss how to continue the “APEC” blue, and conduct an in-depth analysis of smart city development strategies; then, the concept of smart energy construction is proposed, and The PEST analysis method is used to analyze the smart energy construction environment; then the summary of smart energy construction to help the development of smart cities is launched, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles, clean energy utilization, urban heating renovation, and power demand side management to show wisdom in four areas The application of energy construction projects; based on the above research, the Delphi method is used to design a smart energy construction evaluation system; at the end of the article, the research on smart energy is summarized in the previous parts. Smart energy is ensuring the safety and reliability of urban energy, promoting urban green development, Promoting the development of urban-related industries and enhancing the connotation of urban services have played a huge role in promoting the construction of urban smart, and has become an important foundation and driving force for the development of smart cities in China.


Smart energy, Construction of smart city, Development paths