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Strengthening Mechanism of Chinese National Identity from the Perspective of National Governance: Analysis of Pandemic Prevention and Control

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.002


Xiaojing Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaojing Zhao


National identity is not only attached to the shaping of social emotion, but also to the political basis of national governance. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese government's governance system and practical ability provide systematic support for the prevention and control of the pandemic. By the way, the concept of mutual assistance and coexistence of citizens is carried out through the social mutual aid network system. During the pandemic period, the close binding of citizens and the fate of the Chinese nation strengthened the identity of the Chinese nation. The strengthening mechanism of national identity is a set of complex network system discourse. Both internal governance and foreign nationalist discourse may have a fundamental impact on national identity. It is an effective way to strengthen the identity of the Chinese nation on the basis of the modernization of national governance and the rationality of citizens.


Chinese national identity, National governance, Citizen rationality, Nationalism