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The Position and Method of Counselors in the Education of College Students' Network Cultural Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.187


Zhang Qian, Lei Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhang Qian


Cultural self-confidence is a profound and lasting force to support the development of the country. It is more important for the future development of the country and the fate of the country to cultivate cultural self-confident college students. The unique orientation of psychological counselor is the leader who is closest to grasp the dynamic thinking of students, has the most value orientation of bidding, and is also the initiator of the most enlightening practical activities. In fact, psychological counselors are explorations of new working modes and methods, and harden them to bring information to their lives. In order to broaden their horizons, mobile Internet, and attract students, they should work hard.


Counselor; Ideological and Political Education; Network Culture