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On the Path of the Thought of Legalization of College Students' Management

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.186


Yan Feilei, Shi Haijing

Corresponding Author

Yan Feilei


The legalization of student management in universities and colleges is the foundation of sustainable development and colleges and universities. It is an important means to manage universities and colleges effectively according to legal power. However, the implementation of the current legal rules of the graduate school, the incorrect management mode, the establishment and implementation of the strong color management system of human rules, the weakness of some students, the legal understanding and contradiction between the above-mentioned obstacles of the rules and regulations and the actual management. We need to establish the right based thinking mode and strengthen the life oriented management thinking mode. Improve the management system, emphasize the significance of legal rules based on substantive rules, focus on publicity, and improve students' legal awareness. Human rules should abandon excessive boredom.


College Student Management; Legalization; Value; Path