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A Probe into the Cultivation Mode of News Communication Talent under the Background of Internet Age

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.184


Zou Xianrong

Corresponding Author

Zou Xianrong


In the background of the Internet era, news communication has undergone earth-shaking changes, whether it is the communication technology or the content of communication, are changing rapidly, in this form of news communication personnel are facing a great challenge. The industry needs more complex, innovative and applied news communication talents to quickly adapt to the diversified needs of news communication under the background of the Internet. And this means to change the training mode of news communication talents, to construct a diversified, cross and high-quality news communication mode, to integrate the industry resources, to create a new situation for the training of news communication talents, so as to realize the employment standards of the industry.


Internet Age; Background; News Communication; Talent; Training Model