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The Value of Modern Education in Intelligent PE Class

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.176


Liu Juping

Corresponding Author

Liu Juping


By using the methods of literature and materials, the mobile Internet, the new generation of Internet of things technology and sports teaching reform are integrated, the new sports classroom teaching mode in the information age is explored, and the intelligent sports classroom based on "wechat public platform" and wearable devices applied to heart rate monitoring is preliminarily constructed. The main research conclusion: the intelligent teaching mode includes three parts: pre class "prophet", in class "perception" and after class "exploration", which realizes the three functions of pre class multimedia micro course electronic textbook preview, in class interactive teaching and after class micro course sports guidance, aiming to improve the teaching efficiency and quality of physical education class, scientifically evaluate the effect of achieving the goal of physical education class, and achieve the goal At present, the physical education classroom is really integrated in and out of class.


Physical Education; Intelligent Physical Education Classroom; Colleges and Universities