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An Analysis of the Development Process and Initiative of Pedagogy in China Since the Reform and Opening Up

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.175


Li Duo

Corresponding Author

Li Duo


Since 1978, China's higher education research has made remarkable achievements in personnel training, facility construction, theoretical construction and output. It not only focuses on the construction of the theoretical system of disciplines, but also emphasizes the strong practicality. It has walked out of a "Chinese road" to develop the field of higher education, and the "Chinese schools" of higher education research are gradually becoming mature. In the new era, the development of China's higher education field will further enhance the originality of higher education theory, improve the level of laws, increase the support for higher education reform, and enhance the scientificity and standardization. Promote the relevance of higher education research and the change of higher education research institutions, and strive to build a theoretical system of higher education with Chinese characteristics.


Higher Education; Discipline Construction; Higher Education Research