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The Construction and Thinking of the Integrated Teaching Mode of College Physics Theory and Experiment Course

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.169


Dou Qun

Corresponding Author

Dou Qun


The theory and experiment of university physics is the foundation of natural science and modern engineering technology, which plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating the scientific quality and innovation ability of university students. A comprehensive teaching model of university physics theory and experiment is established. The optimization of curriculum system, the integration and renewal of educational content, the reform of guidance methods and methods, and the reform of curriculum evaluation and evaluation standards have become the focus. It carries on the practical research to the university physics and the experimental education, explores it, implements it. The practice of the comprehensive teaching method that the theory and experiment education of university physics complement each other.


College Physics; College Physics Experiment; Teaching Mode; Teaching Reform