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The Exploration and Practice of Curriculum Based on the System of "the Second Classroom Report Card"

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.163


Cai Linjie, Jiao Yonghui

Corresponding Author

Cai Linjie


The realization of the system of the "second workshop" of the Communist Youth League is an effective means to promote the reform and innovation of Ideological and political work and the all-round development of students. The implementation of the "second-class letter" system should follow the principle of integrating artists into the overall situation, provide the development needs of students, give the advantages of the second classroom, and emphasize the grassroots level of the main state. It is necessary to build a scientific and reasonable curriculum system, establish a support policy system, improve the convenient and effective platform for both sides, establish a deepening of data analysis and application, and effectively implement the "second class copy" of the Communist Youth League. The system is installed. "


Colleges and Universities; Communist Youth League; Second Class Report Card; Principles; Path