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The Influence of Sports Culture Transmission on the Development of Health Education from the Perspective of "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.162


Ma Libo

Corresponding Author

Ma Libo


By using the method of literature, this paper analyzes the basic elements of university sports culture in campus, such as the disseminator, the content, the media and the audience. The research shows that sports culture is a unique subculture in campus culture, and there are some problems in Colleges and universities, such as the difficulty of continuous communication, the single activity and the lack of innovation. To "empower" students, as the main body of campus students, sports culture information interaction and re creation, is an important factor to promote the brand building and sustainable development of campus sports culture. Suggestions: improve the construction of the system level, spiritual level and material level of the campus sports culture; construct the cultural system with the students as the main body; enrich the cultural content and build the campus brand; make full use of the new media, pay attention to the cultural and spiritual communication and build the sports idol. Increase the contact and exchange of sports culture among students, so as to promote the innovation of campus sports culture communication.


Sports Culture; Internet; Campus Culture; Communication Elements; Communication Path