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On the Effect of Basketball Training on Physical Fitness Promotion of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.152


Liu Xudong

Corresponding Author

Liu Xudong


Basketball has always been a popular sport on campus, and in the development policy of the country in recent years, the degree of attention paid to school sports is also increasing year by year. Under the influence of this trend, many colleges and universities in our country begin to improve students' physical ability gradually through basketball. Under the influence of the trend of basketball, students can gain interest and improve their physical ability. Under the current environment of college sports development in which basketball training and physical fitness training complement each other, colleges and universities should pay more attention to the influence of students' participation in basketball on their own, and grasp the key points to develop the promotion of basketball to college students' physical fitness. This article will be through the narration to the basketball movement to the university student's physical strength promotion function carries on the narration, hoped can help our country university to develop the student's physical strength better.


Basketball; Basketball Training; College Students; Physical Promotion