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Teaching Practice and Exploration of "Golden Course" Construction of Medical Ethics

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.145


Xuemei Tang, Wenlan Tan

Corresponding Author

Wenlan Tan


With the development and progress of college education, the trend of medical ethics teaching is inevitable. In the contemporary mode of education, teachers' teaching methods are also constantly improving and improving. In order to cultivate students' core values and make use of each middle way to carry out effective teaching, not only makes the teaching methods new, but also reduces the time for teachers to give lectures, so that students can learn a lot of knowledge. For the present colleges and universities, this stage is the golden period of cultivating students' medical ethics, not only to manage the students' learning situation in peacetime, but also to interfere with the students' spiritual world education. In order to strengthen students' medical ethics, teachers should fundamentally change teaching methods, and only by adopting scientific and effective teaching methods can they help students develop good ideology and politics. Therefore, the reform of college education is inevitable. In the course of college teaching, teachers should combine psychology with medical ethics. The basic content of colleges and universities is to pay attention to the cultivation of technical skills, this concept is not wrong, but if you ignore medical ethics, it will cause some problems of students' all-round development. This article is about the medical ethics "golden lesson" construction teaching practice and the exploration carries on the research discussion, hoped can bring the certain help to the school construction teaching practice.


Medical Ethics; Construction of "Golden Lesson "; Teaching Practice; Exploration