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Research on the Innovation of Training Mode of Physical Education Professionals in Colleges and Universities in New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.143


Wumei Li, Xingzhao Yuan

Corresponding Author

Wumei Li


The meaning of the objective attribute of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities lies in the establishment and development of physical education curriculum constitution in colleges and universities, while forming the most concise and optimized development plan of distribution mechanism in the development system, and taking this plan as the overall framework of development to plan the practice of teaching activities. Under the influence of the environment of national fitness, it leads to a huge talent gap of map and education specialty, which brings new opportunities for the development of education in the new era, but also faces great challenges. This paper makes a general analysis of the demand and current situation of the training of physical education professionals in colleges and universities, and probes into the innovation mode in its new period.


University; Physical Education Major; Talent Training; Model Research