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Effects of Internet + on Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.142


Ming Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ming Zhang


With the continuous development of network information in China, the Internet has been deepening into our life, and various industries have also begun to bring Internet + into their own development system, and so has the education community. The Internet began to develop as if it had been introduced into the dry fields of spring water, with the rapid trend of thunder into every corner of our life, and our daily life is closely linked, affecting our food, clothing, housing and education. Now that the Internet has spread all over the world, physical education in colleges and universities is naturally influenced by it, catering to the requirements of the times, adding the application of the Internet to teaching, combining the advantages of the Internet with the content of physical education teaching, and communicating the physical education teaching to students in a better and easier way as far as possible. Based on the influence of Internet + on physical education in colleges and universities in China and how to deal with such problems in the era of Internet development.


Information Age; Internet +; College Physical Education; Educational Innovation