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Teaching Practice in Biology Classroom Based on "Internet+Education"

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.139


Qu Fengjie

Corresponding Author

Qu Fengjie


Biology is a basic course of natural science. It takes experiment, observation and exploration as its main learning methods, and trains students' biological quality through autonomous or cooperative learning. Biology practical teaching is the main form of biology teaching, and is a process in which students learn to use knowledge and comprehensively utilize knowledge. With the advancement of reform and opening up, China has gradually strengthened its educational reform and pushed forward the reform of the educational system by formulating a series of policies. Combined with the experience of biological practice teaching, the "Internet+" teaching mode can make up for the deficiency of different teaching methods and improve the effect of biological practice teaching. Internet+ classroom is becoming a new normal in biology class. The Internet+ biology class has more and more forms of visual and auditory stimuli. In the practice of biology teaching, the application of "Internet+" teaching mode should first analyze the advantages of its application and understand the feasibility of the application of this teaching mode.


Biology Class; Internet+; Educational System