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Practice and Research on the Infiltration of "Experiential Teaching" in Biology Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.138


Qu Fengjie

Corresponding Author

Qu Fengjie


The traditional teaching view holds that learning and doing are two different processes, which can only be done after learning. Therefore, teachers usually teach the concepts and principles to be learned first, then let students do a certain amount of exercises and try to solve relevant problems, thus ignoring the students' dominant position. The "experiential teaching" method is a teaching method that focuses on promoting students' discovery and learning, emphasizing the interaction between knowledge and learning subjects, as well as the exchange of information and emotion between teachers and students. To enable students to participate in the learning process completely requires students to play an active spirit, feel, discover knowledge and develop thinking in the process of experience. This research is guided by the theory of "experiential teaching", starting from the students' internalization of biology, and according to the characteristics of biological teaching process, it creates experiential teaching strategies and constructs an experiential teaching mode.


"Experiential Teaching"; Biology Teaching; Practice