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The Teaching Methods of Primary School Chinese Core Curriculum based on Specialty Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.136


Dongmei Liu

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Liu


Primary school Chinese teaching is an important content of the whole primary school stage, the teaching goal is to improve the students' comprehensive Chinese quality, mobilize the enthusiasm of students, promote the students' personalized development. Primary school Chinese teaching has been in constant research and development, the current teaching work there are many shortcomings, if we do not find out the reasons and solutions in time, will hinder the personal development of students, affecting the development of education. This paper starts from the concept of interest and interest teaching method, explores the aesthetic characteristics of the core "interest", and discusses the necessity of the implementation of interest teaching method in primary school Chinese classroom based on the background of the new curriculum reform, the physical and mental characteristics of primary school students and the characteristics of Chinese subject. Secondly, three forms of investigation, including questionnaire, interview and classroom observation, were used to investigate and visit H primary school to analyze and integrate the remaining problems of interesting teaching method in teaching. Finally, in view of the practical problems, respectively from the rich interesting teaching methods, teaching contents interesting transformation and teachers' interest aesthetic ability three aspects put forward the application of interesting teaching method in primary school Chinese teaching strategy, and puts forward four principles, namely the students' subjectivity, suitability, the principle of aesthetic and effectiveness, the interesting method of teaching for primary school Chinese teaching under the smoothly.


Specialty Characteristics; Interesting Teaching Methods; Primary School Chinese; Teaching Method