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Research on Hidden Danger of Sanda Teaching Security and Countermeasures Based on Wushu Routine in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.135


Shaohong Pan

Corresponding Author

Shaohong Pan


As an important part of our traditional culture, Wushu has developed from folk teaching to school teaching. Learning martial arts by students is an important embodiment of inheriting traditional culture. Sanda has a very high degree of offensive and defensive combat and antagonism. Therefore, safety has always been an important problem that puzzles Sanda teaching and training. There are similarities between Wushu and Sanda in some teaching modes. In the actual teaching process, the teaching mode of combining Wushu routines and Sanda improves students' interest in learning. In order to achieve the teaching goal, colleges and universities need to make a relatively perfect teaching plan when they carry out Wushu Sanda, and adjust the teaching plan in time according to the physical condition of the University. From the perspective of teaching, this paper expounds the hidden dangers in Sanda Teaching mode, which is integrated into Wushu routine, and then puts forward reasonable suggestions to promote Sanda Teaching in order.


Wushu Routine; Sanda Teaching; Potential Safety Hazard