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Research on the Construction of Teachers in Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.134


Li Qiuming, Zhang Yuwei, Wang Jian

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yuwei


How to apply Internet technology to the classroom in the teaching process of applied colleges and universities is a problem worth studying. At present, in the context of the domestic financial crisis, it is in this form to create learning videos, students can watch at home or outside the classroom, can study completely at home, or can return to the classroom to study. Teachers and students communicate face to face through the network, less a sense of oppression. And the emergence of the financial crisis has replaced the lack of traditional classroom teaching, highlighting the dominant position and encouraging changes in teaching methods. In the environment of financial crisis, the reform and reform of education is still the same theme of the times, especially the development and innovation of educational methods, combined with the current reform of education and learning forms, in fact, the use of information resources sharing. Based on this, a new model suitable for Chinese university education is proposed, which can be used as a reference for innovative research on the "Internet +" model of university education.This article is around the university innovation entrepreneurship education teacher team construction inquiry to carry on the research.


University Innovation; Entrepreneurship Education; Faculty; Construction Inquiry