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Research on the Application of Jitter Elimination Circuit and Trigger Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.129


Zhao Jinku

Corresponding Author

Zhao Jinku


Many courses of electronic specialty are theoretical and abstract, and students are generally not interested in theory, even afraid of difficulties. Hardware and software are generally used to eliminate jitter. Hardware jitter elimination is realized by the principle of circuit filtering. However, for the sake of saving hardware resources and being easy to modify, software is often used to realize hardware circuit. According to the learning situation of vocational schools, taking the application of jitter elimination circuit and trigger teaching as an example, this paper explains the teaching methods of digital circuit course in detail, explains the methods and means of the whole teaching process in detail, and explains the key points and difficulties. I hope it can play a certain role in guiding the teaching of the whole course.


Jitter Elimination Circuit; Trigger; Teaching