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Analysis on the Role of Performance Analysis and Management in College Teaching Management

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.114


Xue Feng

Corresponding Author

Xue Feng


In colleges and universities, every student and teacher knows that the result of the examination is a subjective manifestation of whether a student has deficiency and learning omission in the process of learning, and it is also a more accurate quantitative index to measure the effect of learning. The measure of achievement analysis can reflect the proficiency and cognition of a student about certain specific knowledge points in certain subjects to a certain extent. The method of performance analysis is generally measured by a lot of analytical indicators, and from different angles to make a more scientific evaluation of the final results of the examination. Therefore, this paper emphasizes the necessity of achievement analysis for teaching management in colleges and universities, and discusses some common methods in management methods, so as to show the important role of achievement analysis management in teaching management in colleges and universities.


Grade Analysis; Teaching Management; University