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Research on Course-Based Thought and Politics in Basic Medicine Teaching of College Medical Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.111


Tian Yanli

Corresponding Author

Tian Yanli


With the development of educational reform, the ideological and political education for students should not only be realized through ideological and political courses, but also permeate into the teaching of professional courses, and imperceptibly cultivate the students' positive enterprising spirit and patriotic dedication. It is necessary to add positive ideological and political materials to the theory teaching, which can effectively advocate positive energy and combine well with the theory course. Compared with the traditional teaching process, curriculum ideological and political in the quality of teachers, teaching content, teaching methods and other aspects are very different. This paper holds that by improving teachers' ideological and political education level, choosing appropriate teaching examples and adopting appropriate teaching methods, the teaching effect of ideological and political education in curriculum can be effectively improved.


Curriculum Politics; Specialist Medical Students; Basic Medicine