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Research on Pre-service Training of General Practitioners in Rural Primary Schools under the Background of Poverty Alleviation through Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.096


Guijun Ma

Corresponding Author

Guijun Ma


Under the background of training primary school general teachers, we should optimize the practical teaching of primary school education major. The training of general teachers in rural primary schools is an important measure for normal colleges to change the traditional talent training mode and train high-level talents that meet the actual needs in rural areas. The training of primary school general practitioners before practical teaching has the value of acquiring practical knowledge, generating practical wisdom, enriching professional experience and improving professional ability. Personnel training is one of the most important tasks of colleges and universities. Its process is complete, dynamic and gradual. In order to achieve the training goal, we must constantly modify the process, form and content of personnel training according to the existing state of knowledge and ability. Training general teachers in rural primary schools can speed up the connection between China's education and international education, and further improve the severe problems faced by pre service training in rural primary schools under the background of poverty alleviation through education..


General Practitioner; Rural Primary Schools; Pre-Service Training