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The Integration of Modern Information Technology and College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.095


Na Chu

Corresponding Author

Na Chu


Modern information technology provides an ideal material platform and teaching environment for English course teaching. Promoting the integration of information technology and subject curriculum is the core of information technology education. In the new technological environment, new information dissemination modes and communication methods are constantly emerging, and the characteristics of information are constantly undergoing qualitative changes. Information technology provides great convenience for the development of all walks of life in society. The integration of modern information technology and college English teaching can improve the current situation of college English teaching and promote the reform of college English teaching. In the new social situation, it is imperative to build a diversified and efficient English classroom teaching mode with modern information technology as the carrier, network and multimedia resources fully combined with classroom teaching, and students as the center. This paper analyzes and discusses the integrated application of information technology and foreign language curriculum, which represents the development trend of foreign language teaching.


Modern Information Technology; English Teaching; Integration