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Research on Biochemical Personalized Education based on Applied Education Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.094


Guifang Chang, He Zhu, Kexue Yu, Li Dan

Corresponding Author

Guifang Chang


Majors like food, biological and pharmaceutical, etc. in institution of higher education includes the compulsory foundation course- biochemistry, the new course of “chemistry teaching basic content of science chemistry major and applied chemistry major” edited by the steering ministry committee of science chemistry teaching education has also include biochemistry. Even though biochemical course is only the basic course of biological technology professional, its theory knowledge and skills operation are essential to biotechnology professional. Therefore, the success of biochemistry teaching reform is conducive to the application of biotechnology majors. Moreover, the basic course of biological engineering, food science and engineering and food quality and safety is biological chemistry course, and all three majors teach students the course of biochemistry by adopting education modes of hierarchical education and personalized education, aims to cultivate students' interest in learning, effuse students’ thinking, improve students' autonomous learning ability, improve teaching quality and classroom efficiency, so as to cultivate students become applied talents eventually.


Application Type; Education Mode; Biochemistry; Personalize Education