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Exploration of Innovative Talents Training Mode in Transformation Pilot of Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities Based on Cross-disciplinary Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.093


Zhenheng Cao, XiaoFeng Zheng, Yaoxia Zhang, Fu Feng, Yantu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhenheng Cao


The structural contradictions in higher education are increasingly prominent, and the tendency of homogenization in running schools is serious. In particular, the problems of unclear orientation of running schools, low efficiency in running schools, difficult employment of graduates and low quality of employment are increasingly prominent. It is an undisputed consensus that application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities should aim at the training of application-oriented talents due to misplaced competition and differential development. Application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities will train advanced application-oriented talents with wide knowledge, solid basic theory, strong application ability and good comprehensive quality as their training objectives. If you want to be invincible in the competition, fundamentally speaking, you need to keep innovating, keep innovating thinking, and keep innovating attitude. Application-oriented universities should not only focus on the training of innovative talents, but also reflect on the process of talent training. It is of great theoretical and practical significance for the sustainable development of application-oriented universities to innovate the talent training mode from the perspective of interdisciplinary..


Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities; Training Applied Talents; Innovative Talents