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The Innovation of the "Trinity" Model of College Class Management in the Internet Age

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.092


Suzhen Ye, Jiafei Chi, Yijing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Suzhen Ye


In recent years, the electronic information technology of our country has been developing continuously and has made great progress in information technology, which means that the data can be used better through the Internet and computer, and the big data technology that came into being is becoming more and more mature, and the use of the Internet is very extensive. With the continuous development of economy driving the continuous progress of related science and technology industries, the Internet has gradually been organically integrated with the class management of colleges and universities in our country. It is difficult to adapt to the changing students if the traditional mode of class management in colleges and universities has been unchanged. Combining education with the network in the Internet era is an inevitable demand for the progress of the times. A perfect system is essential for better education management. The whole framework of the complete education system and management system needs the support of the Internet. The functions of the Internet play a vital role in education. The use of the Internet in the process of class management can make counselors, class teachers and student backbone more closely linked. This is also conducive to the management in the class of colleges and universities can better make decisions, so that the management of education in continuous progress, not static. The best management of colleges and universities through Internet technology, so that educational administrators and students can better carry out teaching and learning in accordance with the development of the times, this is the only way for college class management to achieve high-level management, but also the key to improve students' comprehensive literacy.


Internet Age; University Management; Class Management; Trinity; Innovation Mode