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Research on Innovation Concept and Practice Teaching of Higher Vocational Education under the New Media Background

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.088


Chaomin Zhang, Jiacheng Wu

Corresponding Author

Chaomin Zhang


The arrival of the information age gives people more information sources. As one of the products of the information age, new media has a profound influence on the information acquisition and ideology of higher vocational students. The rapid development of new media also gives new opportunities and challenges to the education work in higher vocational schools. Under the background of new media, the education work of higher vocational schools must keep up with the pace of the times, actively carry out reform and innovation, connect with the information age, combine with new media technology, and realize practical teaching, so as to improve the quality of education in higher vocational schools. This paper mainly studies the concept and characteristics of new media in the information age, analyzes the problems existing in higher vocational education under the background of new media, and probes into how to innovate and practice.


New Media; Higher Vocational Education; Innovative Idea; Practical Teaching