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Application of Positive Psychology Based on Multimedia Technology in Mental Health Education of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.081


Min Li

Corresponding Author

Min Li


The effect of positive psychology on college students' mental health education is to transfer the emphasis of mental health education from the explanation of negative psychology such as depression, anxiety, irritability to the transmission of positive energy emotions such as hard work, happiness and ease. Let students know more about beautiful things, improve the level of mental health of college students, relax the tension of college students in the face of life setbacks and future challenges. Multimedia technology in the teaching process can effectively describe the situation of teachers to present, so that students understand things more than a real grasp. can make the teaching process more diversified and diversified. Make the teacher teaching easier, students understand easier. Multimedia technology in mental health education can better help positive psychology to bring students more direct positive emotional perception experience, let students close to feel positive psychology in life for people to bring practical results.


Positive Psychology; Multimedia Technology; Mental Health Education