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Analysis on the Present Situation of Mental Health Education and Teaching Strategies of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.078


Xin Shi

Corresponding Author

Xin Shi


With the development of the times and the popularization of information technology, people's access to external information becomes very convenient, which brings great convenience to people's life, but it also brings bad influence to people at the same time. For example, the social atmosphere has gradually become materialized, and when people accept this materialized information, it is inevitable that they will be affected by themselves, especially college students, who have a certain understanding of the society, but have not entered the society, lack a deeper understanding of the society, and easily have a certain impact on the mental health of college students. Therefore, paying attention to the mental health education of college students has become the focus of teachers' education in colleges and universities at present. College students, as young people who are about to enter the society, face the pressure of emotion, employment, interpersonal communication and so on, continue teachers' correct guidance, promote college students' mental health growth, and face all kinds of problems encountered in study, life and society positively and optimistically. The text puts forward some suggestions according to the present situation of mental health education of college students in order to help college students to establish a positive and optimistic health mentality.


College Students; Mental Health Education; Teaching Strategies