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Reform on Translation Teaching from the Perspective of Students’ Critical Thinking Training

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.077


Ling Yu

Corresponding Author

Ling Yu


Critical thinking is a kind of thinking that allows human beings to discover the malpractice of things and characters, and is the most effective way to carry out self-reflection. This critical thinking exists in all industries in society, so that they can find the problems and drawbacks in the process of industry management. And critical thinking has also been introduced into modern translation teaching, which is called critical thinking education. Critical thinking education can cultivate the critical thinking of translation talents, so that they can be good at discovering the essence of translation and their own problems, and better understand the value of translation, so that they can strictly abide by the basic rules and morality of translation. According to research, scientific and vivid translation materials can often promote cultural exchanges between countries and achieve common economic and trade development. This paper will discuss the cultivation value of critical thinking mode in translation teaching, and then discuss the present situation of critical thinking cultivation of middle school students in translation teaching.


Critical Thinking; Malpractice; Translation Teaching; Cultivating Value