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Application of Educational Orientation Function of Aesthetic Education Practice System in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.073


Xudong Xing, Haoxue Ju

Corresponding Author

Xudong Xing


With the continuous development of society, people also pay more and more attention to education, so there are various ways of education, their only purpose is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education. One of the aesthetic education teaching methods uses some fresh stimulation to exercise and edify students' psychology, research and ears, which is an aesthetic education as well as sentiment education and spiritual education. It has a very positive influence on students' mental health, and the school should carry on the education to the students with the guiding ideology of "educating people with literature and cultivating people with art ", and realize the characteristic education of art education. This article will elaborate how to construct the practice education system of aesthetic education in detail, and carry on the thorough analysis to the application of the education-oriented function.


Education; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Education; Sentiment Education; Mind Education; Mental Health