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Synergistic Teaching Model Based on Community of Inquiry

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.003


Ting Zhou

Corresponding Author

Ting Zhou


Firstly, this paper briefly describes the current situation of traditional college English teaching in China, analyzing its deficiency. Then the paper discusses the application of MOOC in Chinese universities and concludes that it is necessary to build a new model to make full use of the advantages of the both teaching methods. After that, the paper introduces the CoI model and discusses the necessity of applying CoI to college English teaching. And in the end proposal for a synergistic teaching model based on CoI for Chinese college English teaching is put forward, which the author believes will develop students’ critical thinking, sense of exploration, and an ability of self-study, satisfying the requests of students in different levels.


Community of Inquiry, Synergistic Teaching Model, Higher Education, College English.