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A Comprehensive Analysis of Practice Mode of English Speech Teaching and College Oral English Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.065


Xueqin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xueqin Zhang


With the continuous strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength, China's position in the world has also obviously improved a lot, the country's economic level is also constantly developing, so now this society is more and more demand for talent, demand is more and more, talent quality is more stringent. The country is strong, the international communication is also increasing, more and more cross-border communication, make the requirements of English higher and higher, the need to learn English more and more people.In many universities, when they teach English, they don't pay much attention to the teaching of oral English, unless they are English majors, and in the normal oral class, these teachers can actively integrate the English speaking section into the oral English teaching. On the premise of not delaying the normal teaching of English, we should improve the teaching quality of English, join the speech section, exercise students' oral speech ability, exercise pronunciation, strengthen courage, and improve the enthusiasm of students to learn independently, so that they can be better applied in the future development of English.From the point of view of the importance of integrating the speech board into the oral English course, this paper expounds the practical significance of the speech board in oral English training, and finally puts forward some relevant suggestions to improve the accuracy of oral English, exercise students' initiative in autonomous learning, and then improve their love for English.


English Speaking; Oral Training; College English